• El Caminito del Rey

    Caminito del Rey - Acceso Norte, El Caminito del Rey, Ardales, Spain .

    El Caminito del Rey (the kings' pathway) is one of the most famous and breathtaking walkways in the world.

    Constructed in 1901 as a means for workers to cross between the gorges, this narrow passage is 1 metre wide and rises over 100 metres above the Guadalhorce river below it.

    If you have a head for heights, this 8km linear route, taking approximately 3- 4 hours to walk, descends from Ardales to Alora offering an unforgettable experience where walkers can savor the magnificent surroundings and its inhabitants.

    It is truly spectacular!!!

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  • Mijas Pueblo

    29650  Mijas, Malaga .

    Beautifully nestled into the hillside of the Sierra de Mijas and 9km above its 'sister' beach resort, Mijas Pueblo is an exquisite village that dates back to the Arabic era.

    Famous for its wonderful donkeys, Mijas is a favourite among visitors looking for the authentic, Spanish lifestyle.

    White washed houses and quaint, cobbled streets, lined with quirky cafes, beautiful shops and historic buildings, this stunning village is a place to meander, and immerse yourself in the nostalgia it exudes.

    Be warned though - it is steep in places..... the donkeys are not simply an attraction.

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  • Pizarra & Alora

    29560 Pizarra, Málaga, Spain .

    Situated just 5 minutes by car lies our closest town Pizarra. Whilst it may be small, with a population of under 10,000, its charm and authenticity is inviting. A traditional, Spanish, working, town, overlooked by the Sacred heart of Jesus monument, Pizarra provides all of the amenities one would expect - from supermarkets to chemist; butchers to bakers; home decor to clothing .... and much more! 

    What makes it special however, it its remarkable existence of a real community. The townsfolk are warm, inclusive and neighbourly (despite many only speaking Spanish). The town centre is the hub of the neighbourhood and most weekends there are festivals or events that everyone attends.

    Take a stroll along the main street, sample a tapa and a drink, then head to the very reliable (and inexpensive) train station, and catch one of the regular trains to Malaga.

    Located just outside Pizarra, Alora site nestled between 3 spurs of the Mount Hacho, and remains a sleepy, whitewashed village, albeit hilly! It is topped by the ruins of the regal Alora Castle, which boasts an extremely colourful history. Accessed by either car or by foot, the panoramic views are certainly worth a visit.

    The village itself is akin to Pizarra and offers amenities, entertainment and a chance to sample Spanish life.


  • Malaga

    Málaga, Spain .

    Ahhh Malaga. It is impossible to visit the area and not experience this diverse and vibrant city.

    Far too much to write in this synopsis, and lying just 30 minutes from La Casa Palmera (with trains from Pizarra running regularly), it is a trip we heartily recommend.

    Famous for its historic culture (and the birthplace of Pablo Picasso); among the wealth of impressive museums/churches/ monuments the citys' historic centre, is home to the illustrious Alcazaba - one of the largest remaining Arab fortresses in Andalucia.  

    If views are what you seek, the glorious Gibralfaro Castle offers unparalleled outlook of the entire city.

    The inner old town is awash with authentic and age old tapas bars, cafes and traditional charm, but if you seek more modern culture, the new centre has shopping and entertainment aplenty.

    If you are fortunate to be visiting during the Christmas period, you can sample the breathtaking wonders of the Christmas lights (but get there early because folks come from all over the world to see them).

    Don't forget to check out the vivacious port.

  • Granada

    18001 Granada, Spain .

    WIthout a doubt, one of the most stunning cities in the whole of Spain. It parallels Seville and Malaga, and entices visitors from all over the planet, with its Moorish history, wonderfully cobbled streets and magnificent tapas.

    The list of thrilling places to visit are too many to mention here, but the Alhambra, without doubt, is unforgettable. A world Heritage site, The Alhambra and its surrounding area is still the best preserved Muslim walled city in the world and is visited by over 3 million people every year!

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  • Ronda

    29400 Ronda, Málaga, Spain .

    Just an hour from La Casa Palmera, the city of Ronda sits high above the El Tajo gorge, which separates the new and the old town.

    With Moorish ancestry, dating back as far as the 15th century, it is one of the oldest cities in Spain. Take a stroll along its narrow streets, famous for handicrafts. indulge yourself in the leather, wood and ceramic workshops, before creating your own postcard memories from the bridge which is one of the most photographed places in Spain. 

    A must see is one of the oldest and grandest Bullrings in Spain. Whilst the fight might not appeal to you, it is home to an interesting museum and a collection of antique firearms.

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  • Marbella & Puerto Banus

    29600 Marbella, Málaga, Spain .

    Just 40 minutes from La Casa Palmera, is the well publicised town of Marbella.

    Widely referred to as a 'glittering, resort town' that boasts beautiful beaches, high end shopping and chic dining, Marbella is a firm favourite among the rich and famous.

    Yet, within the old town, minutes away from the hustle of cosmopolitan life, lies the quintessentially charming district, with its whitewashed streets, churches, and its most famous 'Orange Square' - a must for visitors.

    Quirky boutiques and tapas and churro houses line the streets offering you a tranquil alternative to metropolitan bustle.

    Just a little beyond Marbella, lies the purpose built resort of the Puerto Banus. It exudes lavish and is the playground of the wealthy, boasting a sizeable marina, that is filled with super yachts and surrounded by fashionable bars/restaurants and shops.

    If you are a luxury car enthusiast - this is the place to see and be seen, but if you are looking for authentic and peaceful - Banus is not the place for you. 

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